Garfield Park Neighbors Association has many ways for neighbors, businesses, and community partners to get involved. If you’d like receive general email updates, please sign up here: 

Our committees are led by neighbors and cover a wide variety of interests. These committees were formed when GPNA created a five-year strategic plan and each committee works on strategies to improve our neighborhood.


Community Engagement Committee


We strive to develop unity and a sense of community between neighbors. We do this through outreach to new and existing neighbors and by working with community stakeholders. We also create, organize, and promote annual, ongoing and seasonal events in our neighborhood.


  • Encourage neighbor participation

  • Increase diversity

  • Identify new neighbors and communicate to Welcome Committee


  • Nearly 100% Urban Times distribution

  • Welcome Committee actively delivering

Other ways to get involved:

  • Help with neighborhood outreach through the welcoming team

  • Work with local schools on behalf of the neighborhood

  • Join Book Club, the neighborhood book club

  • Help plan neighborhood annual events like the Block Party and National Night Out

  • Participate in and help coordinate the annual yard sale

  • Become a member of the Shelby Street Social Club

Chair: Keelee Slack

Block Captain Program(part of Community Engagement Committee)

Our goal:

Ensure a welcoming and safe environment for all residents through an organized system of communication, neighborhood observation, and block-by-block engagement with neighbors.


  • Establish a block captain for each block in the Garfield Park neighborhood

  • Equip block captains with tools, purpose, and methods for engaging neighbors

  • Promote a “see something, say something” neighborhood-watch methodology  

  • Increase block captain and neighbor participation in KIB’s Adopt-a-Block program and Urban Times distribution

  • Create a method for block captains to communicate regularly with each other and with their neighbors.

What neighbors can do:

  • Become a GPNA block captain for an area of the neighborhood.

  • Attend monthly neighborhood meetings, 3rd Tuesdays at 6:15pm in the Burrello Center, to hear an IMPD update on the area.

  • Share crime and property concerns with your block captain and the GPNA President.

  • Practice the “see something, say something” method by reporting emergencies immediately as they occur to 911

  • Report unusual activity to the IMPD non-emergency number 317-327-3811.

  • Attend the neighborhood’s Annual National Night Out Celebration, where you can get to know your local first responders and community police officers.

Block Captain Responsibilities:

  • Know your neighbors on the block.

  • Walk/drive your area of responsibility once a week and know what normal looks like.

  • “See something, say something”

  • Connect new residents on the block with GPNA and other neighbors.

Recent accomplishments:

  • GPNA block captains and neighbors have adopted over 35 blocks in the neighborhood through KIB’s Adopt-a-Block program, in partnership with the Walkability and Beautification Committee.

  • Annual National Night Out Celebration, in partnership with the Community Engagement committee.

Chairs: Scott Faletic, Christina Fitch, and Mark Nagle


Economic Development Committee



Support the revitalization of the Shelby Street Corridor through engagement with current property and business owners and the creation of tracking, marketing, and other tools designed to attract new, particularly local, businesses. Promote the Shelby Street Corridor as a commercial, cultural, recreational, and residential destination.



  • Create a conduit for business owners and neighbors to communicate about the neighborhood’s needs

  • Support potential business owners looking to locate or relocate businesses within neighborhood boundaries and along the Shelby Street Corridor

  • Create a walkable, aesthetically-pleasing commercial corridor

  • Support development of a Shelby Street Merchants Association to build a strong, supportive business community

  • Develop a Garfield Park Business Directory to promote businesses within the neighborhood boundaries and connect neighbors to these amenities


What neighbors can do:

  • Help identify commercial and business amenities that would be beneficial to the neighborhood and neighbors, and establish priorities for amenity development

  • Develop a plan that includes the vision of the finished product and the execution steps necessary to arrive there

  • Identify and engage all third-party organizations that can assist, financially and otherwise, in the redevelopment effort

  • Establish regular communication and connection with each existing business and property owner in the corridor in order to stay aware of needs, wants, and critiques

  • Participate in business and commercial property clean-up events on Shelby Street within neighborhood boundaries


Recent accomplishments:

  • Supported establishment and promotion of Garfield Park Farmers Market

  • Hosted monthly First Friday open houses to showcase and introduce neighbors to neighborhood businesses and community organizations

  • Served as lead partner in SoIndy Southside Quality of Life initiative to rebuild and revitalize the Shelby Street Corridor

  • Successfully advocated for neighborhoods’ best interests before local zoning board


Chairs: Rose Shingledecker and Grant Sherfick

Marketing and Social Media Committee

Our goal:

Promote and market the activities and Our goals of GPNA to inform neighbors, community partners, and the general public about the work of the organization and our members.

What you can do:

  • Contribute original content through social media channels
  • Write blog posts for the neighborhood website and newsletter
  • Participate in planning and writing articles for the Urban Times
  • Assist with updating GPNA’s website

Get involved by emailing the Committee Chair: Aryn Schounce



Walkability and Beautification Committee


Beautify the area with nature and art, help make walking and biking safer and a bigger part of the community’s culture.


What neighbors can do:

  • Help with median maintenance

  • Help with maintaining neighborhood trees and flowers

  • Participate in adopt-a-block

  • Help with cleanups

  • Join the Garden Club

  • Participate in walkability or bike events and projects

  • Help with walkability advocacy

  • Join the safe routes to school team

  • Join a public art team


Recent accomplishments:

Bike ride to Cannon Ball Brewery 4/22

Chairs: Vickie Goens and Abby Dennis

SoIndy Quality of Life Plan

Garfield Park is an invested and committed neighborhood In the So Indy Quality of Life Plan.  Through the Quality of Life Plan, there are many ways to be a part of improving the quality of life for your neighbors.

  • Community Building
  • Connectivity
  • Education and workforce development
  • Health and wellness
  • Housing
  • Madison Avenue
  • Shelby Street

If you are interested in getting involved in any SoIndy Action Team, please visit the So Indy website and check out the Get Involved page.